Harsh Ahuja

Harsh Ahuja

Football Coach & Enthusiast

Name:Harsh Ahuja
Date of birth:21st April, 1991
Address:Mumbai, India
I was born on 21st April 1991, in Mumbai - the city of dreams. I, too, have a dream- a dream of a career in Football.

A dream that very rarely is allowed to grow and become a reality in a country like India, where everyone is headed towards more conventional and well-chalked professions.

My motivation is some one who truly has been the driving force - Sir Alex Ferguson – The Greatest Manager known to the world of football. He has shown me various qualities like those of compassion, patience, solitude and sportsmanship to name a few, but the one quality that stands out is his passion for the game. Undiluted, pure breakthrough passion.

Following a given course of direction, I graduated from the University of Mumbai with a Bachelors of Commerce Degree. While attending university, I began to gain experience as a coach. Immediately upon my graduation, I began working towards gaining my coaching badges with The FA.

Every job till now has been one of the most important career changers where I learnt so much and gained the much-needed experience on the field. I learnt to condition my mind and it has made me a stronger person both physically and mentally. Some of the values like strong character, believing in yourself, winning mentality, never giving up, working in a team. These values have taught me as well as helped me become a better person, both, on and off the pitch and will be inherit in me throughout my lifetime.

Football has been a more of an obsession and the love for the game is what that keeps my dream alive. Even though the journey till now has been like a roller coaster having experienced many ups and downs, it is a decision I am fortunate to make as I believe that the best things in life are those where you strive and work to achieve a dream which you have an endless passion and happiness for.

My motivation to start this website is simple. To help, direct and inspire aspirants on the verge of a career in coaching or working towards to want their dream.

Thank you for taking your time to read about me. If you think I can be of any help to you, in anyway, please use the ‘Contact’ page to get in touch with me.
“A coach is only as consistent while working with individuals if he has successfully developed a philosophy based upon his own personality.”
-- LaVell Edwards.

In this modern world, it is a given that coaches have their own philosophy. It is also reasonable to assume that the philosophy of an individual's daily routine, thinking and actions will be relevant factors one cannot ignore when it comes to application of their philosophy in coaching.

My Philosophy is on the path of being created and is still a work in progress as I am fairly young and developing my abilities to think and function as a coach.

I am inclined towards being a coach because of my passion for the sport, work and what it has meant to my life all these years.

Work Hard and Together, Believe in Yourself, Be Honest, Express yourself and Respect others as well as take pride in yourself are the driving principles and values of my philosophy. These values have taken time to be shaped and have been shaped slightly by positive and negative life experiences. I have learned what I should do and what I should not. Without these experiences, there is a high possibility that I would not be anywhere close to what I am today; nor would these core principles form the crux of my livelihood. My principles are something that I actually practise in the literal sense and not something that would be deemed “the right thing to say, feel or do but not practise in reality” as a coach.

Putting my ideas together gives me a short paragraph of what my philosophy is. I have no doubts that as time passes and I gain more exposure it will change as will my way of thinking about it. However, the core principles and values that drive it will always be constant.

At this moment, my philosophy is something along these lines :

“If you have knowledge, pass it on to those who do not posses it. For me, it’s about creating a positive learning environment. An environment where I can get a distinctive set of individuals to play together, as a team, with desire and passion. One where they can express themselves, work hard, be brave and reach a level where they can unleash their true potential while enjoying what they do. Building self-esteem, setting achievable individual and team goals, and keeping them motivated is also a core part of my philosophy. I firmly believe in repetition as a key tool to prepare players to be the best they can be. I’ll always start with the fundamentals, work on techniques and individual skills and then create more awareness on how to apply it in a competitive situation and analyse how they use it. For me it is important that players can assess, evaluate and correct themselves in a competitive situations. Most of my coaching is done on a group level and therefore involves a selected playing style. I take every opportunity to coach and demonstrate teamwork, sportsmanship, accepting the player for who he is and respect for everyone, starting with the coaches, teammates and the opposition."


I wish to acquire the job profile of a football coach in an esteem organisation as a part of a team that shares the same passion for football as I do and utilise my valuable skills and abilities in this field to their fullest extent while also developing my own knowledge of coaching and sport.


* Excellent knowledge of club soccer and game techniques.
* Strong training and supervising skills.
* Remarkable motivating and coordination skills.
* Ability to work with the all age groups.
* Excellent sportsmanship skills.
* Very knowledgeable with the soccer rules.
* Skilled in recognising and working on players weakness and strengths.
* Ability to develop customised training sessions for a single player and the entire team.
* Punctual attitude, physically fit, excellent teamwork skills, strong analytical skills, highly organised.
* Boosting the confidence of players to strengthen their mentality and views towards the sport.


Jul 2016 - Mar 2017

Academy Manager

Liverpool FC International Academy - DSK Shivajians

* Assistant Head of Youth Development & Head of the Academy, delivering and executing LFC International Academy coaching manual
* Provide feedback and give advice on players' performance, fitness and technical & tactical skills
* Advise players on how to keep up a positive mental attitude and self-discipline
* Attending competitions
* To delegate organisational duties to academy technical and admin staff
* Maintained good relationship with players and parents
* Co-ordinating all travel & logistics requirement for all academy teams for home/away matches
* Maintaining player profiles
* To ensure all academy staff and players follow LFCIA-DSK code of conduct
* Fulfil all academy requirements for academy staff and players
* Actively involved in scouting and recruiting talented players from across the country

Jul 2014 - Mar 2016


Indian Football School - Brasil Futebol Academia

* To plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate the coaching programme to develop the young players
* Provide feedback and give advice on players' performance, fitness and technical skills
* Advise players on how to keep up a positive mental attitude and self-discipline
* Attending competitions
* Prepare game strategy to help the players defeat opponents and win competitions
* Demonstrate an activity by breaking the task down into a sequence
* Weekly coaches meeting
* To delegate organisational jobs e.g. keeping the register and equipment check

Dec 2013 - Jan 2014


Indian Football School

* To deliver football coaching sessions appropriate to the age and ability of the participants
* Understand each player’s strengths and weakness and accordingly train players individually or in groups
* Demonstrate game techniques
* Weekly coaches meeting
* To delegate organisational jobs which do not need your coaching skills e.g. keeping the register and equipment check

Jan 2013 - Nov 2013


Manchester United Soccer Schools

* To deliver MUSS player development programs (5-16 Years) across various Centres in Mumbai and India
* Understand each player’s strengths and weakness and accordingly challenge them individually or in groups
* Demonstrate game techniques
* Self-assessment after every session
* Weekly coaches meeting
* Conduct skills test every module
* Player report every module
* To delegate organisational jobs e.g. keeping the register and equipment check
* To deliver MUSS school programs for elite schools across Mumbai
* Underwent intensive training under the MUSS coach development and education program
* Maintained good relationship with players and parents

Mar 2010 - Dec 2012


Premier India Football Academy

* To plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate the coaching sessions appropriate to the age and ability of the participants
* Provide feedback and give advice on players' performance, fitness and technical skills
* Doing administrative tasks e.g. keeping the register, fees


March 2012


February 2009


March 2007




* FA Level 1 - Completed at Bolton Wanderers FC
* FA Level 2 – Completed at Bolton Wanderers FC
* FA Youth Award Module 1
* FA Youth Award Module 2
* Valid Emergency Aid Certificate
* Safeguarding Children Certificate
* The FA Online Laws of The Game Certificate
* The FA Online Player and Match Analysis Certificate


* Mumbai District Football (Division II & Division III), (May 2007 - December 2010)


Member of The Football Association Licensed Coaches Club (The FALCC) since August 2012.


* Certificado De Espanol - Basico (Instituto Hispania)
* Math Quiz Winner
* HelpAge India Certificate (NGO)
* Alert India Certificate (NGO)
* Scout Certificate


* English - Fluent
* Spanish - Basics
* Hindi - Fluent


Writing/Blogging about Football, Watching Football games and analysing, Volunteering, Attending Football Conferences, Teaching kids know-how of Football, Swimming, Jogging.


Manchester United Soccer School

Chris O' Brien, Head Coach, Hong Kong

Harsh Ahuja was employed by Manchester United Soccer Schools in Mumbai in the role of Support Coach during 2013.
During a full selection process which involved application and a selection day, Harsh was awarded a support coach role from a pool of many applicants.
Harsh displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition during his probation period with Manchester United Soccer Schools.
With his drive, determination and passion from development, I am sure Harsh will add much value to any grassroots football association he works with.

Liverpool FC International Academy - DSK Shivajians FC

Dave Rogers, First Team Manager

Having worked alongside Harsh Ahuja for Liverpool FC International Academy since 2016, I have firsthand experience of his many qualities.
Apart from being a fantastic Football coach and very adaptable at that, Harsh is also a human being of humbleness and integrity.
The knowledge and enthusiasm he brings to the training pitch along with his professionalism and dedication makes him a real stand out person. From Grassroots all the way through to elite Academy players Harsh has the ability and invention to deliver top class sessions and programs.
Also the leadership and direction both on and off the field and examples set to other coaches which Harsh possesses is a real testament to him as a man. When the opportunity came this season at our club DSK Shivajians FC and LFC-DSK International Academy he was my main target to bring to the club.
From our Grassroots and Academy program right through to our Senior Team his input and detail and willingness to develop further as a coach was nothing short of exemplary and I have no doubts that Harsh will go on to have a successful coaching career and be a real asset in his next club.

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